A truly outstanding experience! My husband and I had a fabulous 5 nights staying at Soho Hotel, I cannot recommend this hotel enough! And their website is just great, so easy to use! If I were to recommend a hotel website theme it’d be this one!

Gary Goldman - 2 Nights, King Room

A good hotel with clean rooms and attractive staff, so attractive in fact the room service was a little more than myself and my husband expected! But we have no complaints and we look forward to seeing Tony and John again soon.

Claire and Mike - 1 Night, Standard Room

“Reception very helpful – both shifts. Cafe right at the main square…hotel fully equipped. …”

Tuulikki - 2 Nights, King Room

“People working in reception and car parking were very friendly and helpful. …”

Slawomir Poland -

“Excellent staff and wifi, central location, parking staff was friendly …”

Davor Croatia -